Current Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Choosing bridesmaids dresses can be an extremely fun filled and exciting job, provided you know how to spot the best. Shopping for bridesmaids dresses has always remained a very risky and tedious job for brides. After all, most bridesmaids are selected from the closest friends and relatives of the bride and choosing an inappropriate dress means risking the relation as well. However, if you are planning to get married in 2014, you won’t have to worry much about bridesmaids dresses. This is because, there are many options available in the market now-a-days and you can choose from an array of different options. Whether you like the long and flowy Greek goddess gowns or anything that is short and sexy, you will be able to experiment with a lot of options. Mentioned below are some styles of bridesmaids dresses that are hot this year.

Floral prints

Bridesmaids dresses in pastel shades and decorated with subtle floral prints are very much in fashion these days. This is one of the best dress options for those who are planning to get married in the summer or arranging for a daytime wedding. Utterly sweet and extremely feminine and delicate, bridesmaids dress having floral prints are amongst the best bridesmaid dresses options this year.

Dark shades

Nothing looks more sophisticated and alluring than pairing white and some kind of smooth and rich dark shade like navy blue, maroon, violet, orange, red and plum. The steep contrast adds a classy look to the team and highlights even the bridesmaids dresses without overpowering the bride’s dress. Ideal for both daytime and nighttime and even for summer wedding parties, darker and poppy color shades are completely in fashion now-a-days and you will be able to browse through a lot of dress type and length options according to your bridesmaids’ figures and preferences.

Patterned skirts

Are you tired of the same old mini and floor length bridesmaids dresses that you have been seeing in every wedding and trying to opt for something more unique and refreshing? Try dressing up your bridesmaids in patterned color popped skirts. Paired with a solid light colored top, preferably in white, these skirts look amazing in every length. Whether you are planning to flaunt a bit with mini body-hugging skirts or trying to add a cute and feminine look with knee length flowy skirts, you can be rest assured that this look will earn you a lot of appraisals. If you are really after the best bridesmaid dresses, go for this look without letting any doubts deviate you.


Ah! the prom look, you must be thinking. However, 2014 is all about gracing sequins and sequin dresses and skirts are considered as one of the best bridesmaid dresses options this year. After all, don’t you think adding a bit of bling to white bridal dresses is a nice idea, especially if your wedding party is scheduled in the evening? Nothing looks more fashionable than tops thoroughly studded with gold sequins and paired with white skirts on bridesmaids. You can also be a bit more playful by making half of your bridesmaids wear sequin skirts with white tops and half of them with sequin tops and white skirts.

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